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May 13th 2014


May 13th 2014

10 Things Jennifer Zeuner is Gifting and Wishing for this Mother’s Day!


Neiman Marcus Blog did a great story on what Jennifer Zeuner, mother of 4, is gifting and wishing for this mother’s day! Check it out!


Apr 21st 2014

The InStyle Scoop With Cameron Diaz!

InStyle cover girl Cameron Diaz dishes about her connection with Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry…Check it out!


Apr 8th 2014

The Perfect Match!

Creating the Perfect Match is easy as 1,2,3! 

1. MinkPink boyfriend Jean

Cuffing the hem of a shreaded jean give your outfit a polished yet worn look.

2. Mariah Butterfly Anklet

give your boyfriend jean a feminine touch with

a delicate anklet like the Mariah Butterfly Anklet.

see more delicate anklets

3. Michel Cazabat Pump

The Ebba D’Orsay leather pump in grey is the perfect pair of shoes to give

you an extra lift.  Grey is the neutral!


Feb 28th 2014

Meaningful Jewelry That Shows the Love All Year Round

Valentine’s day may have come and gone quicker than you can say I love you. However, there are 364 more days to buy jewelry that has meaning, so you can show her your love!

Jennifer Zeuner is a great designer to trust for that must have jewelry that has meaning, and even says “I Love you.”  The piece JZJ designs are those that will inevitably end up at the top of every girls wish list, no matter what the season.  Remember, no matter what, your girl wants a sultry, sexy, sleek piece of jewelry that has meaning. No matter if your girl is busy attending many countless events, running around from meeting to meeting, serving customers someplace she isn’t fond of, attending fancy functions, or just lounging on her day off, she needs a piece of jewelry that is meaningful and wearable for all her diverse style.

To better illustrate how women love meaningful jewelry, lets take Jennifer Zeuner herself as to make the example. JZ is dedicated to both of aspects of her life and it is quite apparent through her affection for delicate and sentiment driven jewelry pieces.  

Not everything is created equal… Her pick for an all time favorite is the heart collection. She feels heart symbols have the ability to represent a classic elegance whilst remaining modern, fashionable, and stylish, from the boardroom to the bedroom. In essence, jewelry with meaning is not only an investment in your relationship, but is also an compliment to her personal style; a gift with meaning like that will never fail when it comes to expressing love.  

Here are 3 perfect options to help you express your love with jewelry that has meaning:

 1 Jewelry That Says Love, Literally

Feeling romantic and ready for a date night opt for the abigail mia heart necklace worn on its own or get with the trend and layer on with other strand necklaces such as the swirly engraved heart necklace or marissa large open heart necklace just to get an idea.

HandChains with Hearts, oh My

A day at the office that may lead to an evening out with friends (drinking, dancing, and dreaming up every in between) the hanging mini mia hand chain gives nod to a former rebellious side with a much au courant thought for fashionable flair. We love stacking on the ring statement with luciana ring set – surely a great accent to your outfit.

Double Heart Lariat Necklace for Her

The perfect jewelry choice for the mom on the go that simply wants to lend her look a sassy element can lean towards the mattea necklace or windsor heart lariat.  Even the most cynical girl friend can be wooed by Jennifer’s unique and personal designs, turning your girl into a starry-eyed idealist when adorning a heart necklace or lariat heart inspired piece.

The gorgeous assortment of meaningful heart jewelry holds a very special place in Jennifer’s heart, so we hope you feel ready to get your girlfriend, lover or mother one of these amazing heart jewelry pieces to add meaning to your relationship and flair to her style. Turn heads (and warm hearts) any day, just because you can, and show her she means a lot!


Feb 12th 2014

Valentines Jewelry Ideas that say “I Love You”:

This time of year makes our style-loving hearts skip a beat. It is the perfect time to tell that special someone everything you want to say with that (one) perfect valentines jewelry pieces that symbolize your love. Of course, it’s true! Jewelry is the way to say “I love you” at Valentines Day.

February 14th is a date to celebrate your coupledom status no matter what and we are letting you in on some perfect gift ideas for your girlfriend. Whether it’s your first date or you can count the years on one hand as well as simply everything in between. All you have to do is read on… Jewelry is s a go-to gift for a reason; to put it simply- women love it.

Score some major points this Valentine’s Day and possibly some jaw dropping “oohs” and “aahs” when your girlfriend realizes how fashionably savvy you are when it comes to getting it right with Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry. 

If you are feeling more relaxed about the situation because perhaps this a blossoming kind of “like” (that might lead to the bigger L word) you need to go for a look that is more festive. A couple of trends that are huge this season are hand bracelets or stackable rings. So she can wear the piece of jewelry for this particular special occasion as well as take it out over and over again.  

For those of you who have already got the hang of V-day and by that we mean that you know a gift for your girlfriend is in order however, you need some direction as to what kind of jewelry she might like. Well, why not look toward a standout style that shows her your newly invested ways of love.

Top seven picks from our 2014 Valentines Day Gift Guide are:

1. Marissa large open heart necklace.  The benefits to opening your heart are vast and numerous.  Let this necklace be the perfect reminder to open your heart.

2. Mia earrings.  Two hearts that beat as one.  The lustrous pair of mini heart shaped earrings are sure to be the perfect pair!

3. Mini art deco love monogram.  We regard art deco pieces as pretty timeless, so a customized inscription of LOVE seems appropriate to us especially since we tend to wear them more frequently. Adding a little bit of glamour that presents a look that is elevated and cool, day and night.

4. Addison bracelet.  Put a signature stamp on your look. This bracelet has a lower case cursive script “love” lettering written for all to see and we are not ashamed of sharing our sentiments. The style is much to be adored and who would’ve thought that expressing oneself would be that easy.

5. Liat earrings.  This set of earrings actually makes our hearts beat faster as the fluttering of the separate “LO” and “VE” on each ear decorates delicately. Absolutely head over heels! 

6. Luci necklace.  When it comes time to selecting key add-ons for the season there is no better jewelry designer to turn to other than Jennifer Zeuner. This necklace exemplifies the compilation for the ultimate accessory statement. So simple and so thoughtfully chic- you will absolutely love it as much as we love sharing it with you.

7. Mia 1/2” rope chain bracelet.  The key to our hearts is always by way of thoughtful and delicate sentiments. This mini heart shape is placed at a horizontal with a twinkling diamond detail that manages to catch our attention.

If you decide to celebrate your girlfriend with a more traditional jewelry piece such as a heart, love, or XOXO pendant she will appreciate your treat and we are sure the favor will be repaid in kind. 

Like! Love! Just embrace the day in a jewelry kind of way!


Feb 12th 2014

Jewelry That Says I LOVE YOU:

Whilst Valentine’s Day is a holiday most celebrated between couples including but not limited to girlfriends/boyfriends and husbands/wives, it is also the time of year that you can surprise some of the ladies that may hold a different but yet very special place within your heart. So as V-day is fastly approaching think of a token of love that will say I love you, I adore you, I care for you… To all that we say skip the wilted flowers and box of chocolate and opt for a jewelry piece that will resonate as a gift that was given much thought, personalization and heartfelt sentiment.

Sharing and spreading the love to:

YOUR BEST FRIEND: Whoknows her better than you do? You’ve gone through enough break-ups and make-ups together to last a lifetime but your friendship certainly won’t end there as it can withstand just about anything. And since she is your friend we presume she is in the know and loves to blend trendy neckline layering pieces with stackable rings that are full of downtown edge. The only foreseeable problem here is that you might want to borrow the jewelry after all.

YOUR MOTHER: Let her know she’s appreciated and there isn’t any other that can measure up to par as she is your #1, your first true love, the shoulder you cried on (sometimes still do) and the woman that can always make you smile. Without her your name would just be a name but so would hers and you would not know your ABC’s. With an engraved necklace or bracelet you can spell it all out- Mom, daughter, love, and numero uno.

Add a dose of fun to V-Day with an empowering piece that will provoke all five of her senses because usually it’s really hard to catch her attention. It’s all up to you so it’s time to let your hands dig deep even if it means getting your wrists involved. Come to think of it the hand bracelet is the perfect combination.  

YOURSELF: Well, why not take care of yourself? Infuse a Valentine’s look with just the right amount of oomph you need because, if anyone’s worth it it certainly should be you. Sometimes you need to wow your own self in order to bring about the inner va-va-voom. “Diamonds are a girls best friend” may not be an innovative approach but they surely sparkle even in the subtlest form.

However, we want to remind you that although Valentine’s Day comes around once a year the gratitude will have year-round appeal and we are sure that the gift wearing won’t stop here. Perhaps we’ll see a bit of jewelry gift reciprocation in your very near future!



Nov 22nd 2013

Flash a Smile, the JZJ smile necklace as featured in December 2013 fitness magazine's gift guide.


Nov 15th 2013

Meaning Behind Charms in Your Jewelry Collection

Jewelry is always a good option for sharing (or expressing) a personal style story, provoking a memory or connoting a sentiment. The pieces will be something you wear every day, and todays charm jewelry trend is one many have adopted, from the tried and true Tiffany keys, to the newer meaningful designs of Jennifer Zeuner. When selecting your next charm, the choice is yours. Here are a few facts and meaning behind select types of charm jewelry:

  • Numerology Charms: Feeling cosmic? Try out your celestial charm that begs to be clustered. The infinity of the stars and moon has never seemed so close.
  • OM Charm Jewelry: Seeking balance? Go with a divine OM design, a mantra often associated with yoga and meditation. As that should get your yin and yang in check.
  • Clover Charm Necklace: Need to catch a lucky break? Here is your chance to cover all four bases— that means faith, hope, love, and luck with each leaf of the clover representing a specific life altering aspect.
  • Horseshoe Charms: If strength, protection and good fortune are part of your equestrian equation—A dangling horseshoe charm will insure that you certainly won’t come in last. Just don’t wait until the next time to cross the finish line.
  • Number 7 Charm Jewelry: Striking a chance with fate? It seems as if numerology will be your strong suit. If we can’t all be aces and kings, why not to turn to the auspicious powers of the deuce. However, if seven or 13 is your fancy then by all means go for it.
  • Love Charms, Rings and Necklaces: For a message that leaves no room for misinterpretation, you can opt for the design featuring the word love or a simple heart that lets your loved ones know they have won you over.

Mix and match the religious charms with your other jewelry, because there are no rules when adding meaning to your style. Check out the charm jewelry collection by Jennifer Zeuner, and add a little flavor and personal meaning to any look.



Nov 13th 2013

Wearing Jewelry With Religious Symbols

Collecting religious jewelry is no recent phenomenon. Crosses and symbols have been around since, well, biblical times; And that is long before Madonna began mixing everything from cross pendants (think back to her “Like A Prayer” phase) to rosary beads to the Star of David to the Kabbalah red string— you get the en vogue picture. So while Madonna may have jump-started the ironic trend it’s clear that cross jewelry (predominantly) are resurging into the fashion world in full force. Celebrities from varying religious backgrounds have been spotted rocking the religious jewelry look (Lenny Kravitz is faithful to his dual belief and is almost never seen without the bold necklace). As a result of which the world too has become infatuated with these statement making jewelry pieces.

One of the biggest re-affirmations of the cross whether it is on a necklace, bracelet, or ring is that designers, like Jennifer Zeuner, are now positioning the crucifixes sideways (as seen on Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian). Jennifer Zeuner’s designs are meaningful and inspired, answering all your prayers—at least when it comes to jewelry with crosses. The look lends a rock-inspired element. Wear them with a casual outfit—a tee, cardigan, and skinny jeans— or dress up the look for a simply modest yet chic look.

Religious jewelry is also a popular gift to give and receive during ceremonies. Here are some ideas on when to give religious jewelry:

  • Baptisms
  • Confirmation
  • Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah
  • 1st Holy Communion, and
  • Other religious holidays.

Thus, the personal story of a celebrity may be no different than that of you and me.  Any which way you look at it, it’s time to cross over. The omnipresence detailing deserves a front-row seat in your jewelry.



Nov 8th 2013

Willow Shields loves JZJ silver and gold chain rings.


Nov 1st 2013

Essentials for a good weekend

Only the essentials for a good weekend, take it from Gary Pepper and try our Yvette Two Band Ring


Oct 31st 2013

Bringing back the ’90s!

Channel your inner ’90s girl this Halloween with our Olivia hoops - happy Halloween everyone!


Oct 30th 2013

The beautiful Alexa Chung graces the pages of Lucky Magazine, wearing our Sky necklace.


Oct 30th 2013

Lucky Number

Sport your lucky number everyday with the Gena number anklet! 


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